Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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Exotica, erotica, if falling in love with you was on Instagram- I’d double tap and follow ya

Obviously you’re beautiful - from your head to toe, but this isn’t the poem that’s focusing on your se*ual

The thing that gets me- aroused is how intellectually, you be-stimulating my minds capacity

That smile when you’re delighted, your laugh is so excited

And you don’t really care what other people think

I can see the passion in your eyes like the sunrise, and I don’t even want to blink

I don’t even have to think, when I’m around you, just proof, you’re so natural

But foreign in the same way

Because you’re not like anybody I’ve ever met so it’s some things I have to say

I appreciate

Your…Conversations with me, checking on me, even lecturing me, and every now and then you have to start correcting me,

People asked if I was practicing French because I always refer to things I’m doing as “We”

“We’”re going out, “we”’re having fun, “we”’re making dinner, “we”’re number one

Como se dice? How do I say?

King and queen? Tu eres la reina, yo soy el rey

Other people don’t get it, but we know what we say

Home grown, but foreign in every SENSE of the way

Her touch, taste, smell, sight, and way she hears me

And no disrespect but dig me

She’s one of a kind, Stevie Wonder could see that clearly

And I wonder where my wonder woman has been all these years

Who else is around doesn’t matter because now we’re here

Foreign and distant in the way she does things compared to this day in age

Nobody’s like her, that’s why I put her name as the last one on this page




New year, new people, same hating

That I’m still here it is my destination

I hear pretty clear their hesitation

Saying that I was the one that they could be replacing?

But they looked around and they found no one

Now they realize this was my blessing

They told me it was luck so I doubled graduations

Got on my grind all of the time and got my license

Nah this ain’t a brag fest I’m not boasting

I’m just reflecting back on these times and I’m saying that I won

Back against the wall instead of fall I stood tall and rose to the occasion

Filled with elation

Like the climax of intimate relations

Heard doubt since day one

All these obstacles that I was facing

But I always believed in the One

To avoid these temptations

Door opened a bit- penetration

People keep their emotions masked-just like Jason

To play at my station

Treating life like a PlayStation

Say I need to find the one

I say just have patience
If you’re a steak don’t you want a sauce that’s A 1?

Once exposed you already know –so there’s no replacing
Kinda like the first time-even though it’s the second time, looking forward to the 3rd time- anticipating


Plain View


A lot is new but nothing has changed

People and their opinions like glue- trying to be stuck in my brain

Telling me which way to go in life and when to switch my lanes

I look at them like “this my life” and like they insane

This is not a game- no we aren’t playing

Told me suddenly that I’ve started to change

I say maturation and growth doesn’t happen for you to remain the same

If I listened to everybody that said I would amount to nothing

Then I would probably be sitting around staring at nothing

Surround yourself with people that’s better than you

Help you grow up that’s what we call a real crew

Not yes people in your corner who scared to tell you something is going on

2 rights on the streets can leave you headed down the wrong Way

Closed caption- I want you to see all of the words that I say

Live life one way

Without a rearview mirror to keep looking back at

So everyone who said they were there back then- I don’t really remember that

I’m with who is in plain view, no need for a ride or die

Ride everywhere- yeah! I’m talking side by side

All storms you will survive it’s no way you can be denied

No chance for them to divide

Because negatives always make things positive- especially when they’re multiplied



One of the same kind, brothers from another mother

Only time you should look down on another brother

Is to help him stand back up

Am I my brothers keeper? But why should I walk around while he’s on the ground without offering to help him stand up?

Overcoming nothing when we’re divided

Against all odds we can fight it

Because success is so much easier when we’re united

Reminisce on our elders who literally slaved with one another

For us to be free- can’t you see? We need each other

Million man marches from all over the nation- look at that energy

More growth year after year- look at our synergy

We’re doing something right- the majority held “our” first President in a view of envy

But destroying each other just ends up helping the enemy

Iron sharpens iron so I need you to be sharp

Voice of reason- at times- be my light in the dark

When I’m dull- give me that spark

Instead of competing with one another, let’s start teaching one another

Commonalities discovered

Know what it’s like to be stereotyped- because of our skin color

Positively influence one another when we filter negativity

Promote positivity

They say the fingers are strongest when they’re closed in a fist

We all know the stance- one fist in the air like this



Used to think the more people you had around meant you were cool- but I realized that usually means nobody really knows you

Because once they do, your circle will decrease- and you'll understand that everybody isn't always as friendly as they seem.

Just looks good to have people by your side. Just seems to stand out when a lot I people are down to ride. Some people just along for the ride
But you can't hang with me if you have nothing  to provide

To the table

We don't need any more Cains we need more Ables

I don't understand "cant" and I'm willing and able

Some people talk through the fables- to try to hide their inner emotions. Lies about cars and money and a whole lot boastin

Do it right the first time and for the rest of the rest of the time you can be coastin

Talent holding , thought provoking, but soon you'll realize that all that glitters isn't golden.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Reality, and more poems | poem video coming 2022

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror, what happens when your vision isn’t looking any clearer? They say things look clearer after you see them in your rear-view mirror. But that doesn't seem right. I mean why do you have to wait until you past something to figure out if it's right? I looked in my rear-view mirror at my past life. Realizations that didn’t last, situations that I let pass. I looked and saw me in a younger frame, funny how times change, I saw me in that different lane, saw me doing a whole lot of things. As much as I don’t like to admit it, some of it’s true, same things I did back then are same things that I still do. Just in a better more mature version, but maturity is subjective because other people may not see the same version. Stranger things have happened we got a Savior from a virgin.

Mirror mirror, what happens when your vision isn’t looking any clearer? They say things look clearer after you see them in your rear-view mirror. Objects seem closer than they appear. It’s clear that their objective was to make sure that we were never here. Call it settling down, call it slowing up. Call it maturity, call it growing up. Things that used to excite me- now sometimes bore me. A wise man once told me that you don’t start really living until you’re 40. Always thought that was the twilight years-thinking back on days of glory. Street knowledge, best ideas came to mind after a couple of 40s. Just because you lose, doesn’t mean that you’ve lost. Just because you bought it doesn’t mean you can afford what it costs. Just because you're in charge it doesn’t mean that you’re the boss. Just because you’ve never been there before doesn’t mean that you’re lost. There always seems to be a time for second guessing and there's always a mirror around to examine your reflection. Mirror mirror.



It’s like walking on eggshells…

We both know things aren’t going well

Might as well be the first to admit that

Scared at any moment this thing we have is gonna crack and then collapse


It’s like walking on thin ice

We both know that something about us just ain’t going right

Instead of making love we making hate at nights

Pretty dark I just don’t really see the light


Times like this I think about the days, we all behaved, even if we misbehaved, we never went our separate ways, now it’s like the time decays, you have your way I have my way, we both went astray, I always knew we’d have this day. Nothing lasts forever, not even the weather, they say climate change is real so will we really ever weather-this? I’d be remiss if I never brought up the fact-memories are to be cherished just like a prized artifact


No Names

The people I love most it seems I talk to the less.
Nothing lasts for ever so I start finding a way to disconnect.
To dull the pain when life happens.
I used to call it writing out my feelings it just started to rhyme like I was rapping.
Don't get the same satisfaction with doing things just for the fun of it. Not sure when things changed and I started wanting to do it for the fund of it.
Fundamentals all twisted. The passion to be the best was what made me gifted.
Until that passion got overblown and turned into an obsession with being #1. But u always let someone down so is it possible to be the one?
In someone's eyes you will always be the last.
You don't know until u hop that fence whether it's greener grass.
You never appreciate the times you have until they pass. You never appreciate the present without understanding your past.



Thought being on the top everything would be splendid

Looking down at the destruction and all of the remnants

Still sinning begging for repentance…

For all the arguments I started

For all the friendships I ended

Asking for forgiveness


When I don’t forgive others

Looking in the mirror like “practice what you preach my brother”

Past relationships past lovers

I guess you tend to look like the one who is at fault when they’ve moved on to another


And you’re there solo

Counting on destiny like “This is the way it’s supposed to go”


Hope is all we have sometimes and even that can be jaded

Pressure can be greater once you finally made it

Sometimes, you have to apply greater pressure to make it

People rather get faded than look at their problems and face it

You can wait on your time to shine or you can go take it


Things look brighter from afar

Outside appearance doesn’t really matter, it’s the inside that shows who you are

Humbled- you can’t appreciate the ending if you forget about the start


This Life I Lead

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Two rights have me headed down the wrong way

A fourth one and I’m in the same place, that I started

Turning in circles got me headed in a roundabout way that I never charted

But let’s depart from that

Circular thinking

People been saying that I’ve been too abstract

Others saying that I’ve been too superficial

But no stripes, no whistles, what makes another person’s opinion so official?

I’m only human and sometimes my emotions change

People’s perceptions of me and mine haven’t always been the same

Never been quite the type to just automatically conform to the norm

Because being like everybody else isn’t how creativity is formed

I wasn’t formed

To be like the norm

And out of that shell, my reality was born

That I had words to give and I believe

That you 2 have just as good of a gift as me

And 2 is better than 1 so imagine what we could achieve-respectfully

The more the better-collectively, large groups can change our nations trajectory


Being nice to somebody else is something you can do for free

Not for the numbers not for the events and number of people who showed

But for the number of people whose interactions with you made them glow

At some point in time the curtains will close

Some people do this for show

But this isn’t part of that act

You’ll be remembered how you treated others not for your alternative facts

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Poetically Correct !!! Rhyming words !!!



Oh snap! We chatting- artificial reaction
This is a snapshot about how Snapchat and social media changed the human interaction

Face book
We can't even look each other in the face like we're shook
Face down when we walk like we are reading books

Using Twitter to express all emotions, success, and doubt

But in person when asked what's new, there's nothing to talk about

Texting, se*ting. asking Siri for help
Relying on our phones more than we relying on self
The easy button doesn't always help
Instant doesn't always mean grand
Don't make personal plans we just put it on Instagram

Black people meet- when they match them up
Can't meet in a church - so they got the dating site where Christians link up
Casual encounters- websites advertising hookups

Showing up to their house with gifts in person these days sounds stupid
It's easier to send them a poke, a wink, or find them on OKCupid

Don't have to grind as much when you have Linkedin
Just upload your stuff online and see if you win

Back in the day - we said in the future there's gonna be robots and machines
And these are those days because we're already programmed if you see what I mean



If I'm such a loser then leave me alone
If you can't stand me so much- stop calling my phone
If u hate me so much why does it matter if I'm home?

Why does it matter if I'm around?
You're not holding me down
Think about how silly u sound

I'm such a bad person yet you stay
If I was so pathetic why do you talk to me everyday?
When I walk by why do you even say "Hey?"

If you truly hate my guts
Then truly give it up
Because I'm tired of hearing how I'm hated and I really don't give a ....




Maybe had I taken a different glance- maybe I should have given it another chance

Maybe I should have told you that I smiled so much when you talked because I thought: Your voice was like an angel and your face could light up a world

Maybe if I told you all the joy you brought you'd still be here girl

Maybe had a I taken a different approach, been a little more intellectual when we spoke

Maybe if I explored the ways that I behaved that led you to start fading away

Maybe if I realized I was the "root" for your "canal" becoming "decay"ed- maybe you wouldn't have had to "pull" me out and things would be okay

See that word play?

"Root" "canal" "pull" me out- because I was the "decay"ed tooth in your "root"
That you had to get out of your mouth

Maybe if those words had come out of my mouth- maybe this wouldn't be a discussion

Maybe if I had begged for your pardon so now I ask for you to pardon

My interruption

More of a monologue because you don't respond back so you aren't really involved
So I guess after all it's not really called us having a discussion

Maybe if I wasn't so busy fussing, yelling, and cussing


There I go again- being honest leaves me exposed
They say a man that curses lacks the knowledge to express himself-maybe I should have expressed myself
Maybe when you needed aid or called with your "national" "disaster" I should have been "FEMA" and the first to help

Maybe I shouldn't have lied all of those times
Maybe I should have searched deep down inside and told you why
Maybe I should have been the one that you could confide

Maybe it's easier to disguise all of our fears and insecurities in lies
Because of fear that if people knew our true insecurities and fears we would be someone they wouldn't recognize

Maybe-I should have been more bold
Maybe I should have been the warm blanket or the wood to your fire in the winter whenever you would get cold
Maybe we could have ended up on the front porch reading newspapers, drinking coffee, sipping lemonade, and doing crossword puzzles when we were old
Maybe I should have, maybe I could have. but I didn't- and that's how the truth unfolds

Maybe in a different world- this would be a different story told






These thoughts come to my mind
They just so happen to rhyme:

Do you have a real choice? If it's really divine?
Are these really the times? Or are these supposed to be the times?

I see frowns all the time looking for a pick me up
My own kind on the ground looking at me for me to lift him up
But he didn't work how I worked so it's easy for him to trip me up
Living is hard work, it's easier for people to just start giving up
Nobody takes time to care anymore so it's easier for them to not give a ----
Fill in those letters
If you could then you would there's a reason there's somebody better

Talking to a wall that won't budge
Trying to start peace with an enemy that won't budge
Just running in place
So out of place we may as well be out of space

Guess that's how it feels when you're being alienated
The best were always put down until people realized they were the greatest
The beauty usually isn't appreciated until it is already faded
Purity isn't appreciated until you're already jaded
Did you have a real choice or is it destiny for you to be created?

She's Gone

She’s gone, I mean really gone. Contacted her- she said she’s engaged- sound the wedding alarm. She’s gone, I mean, really gone, and I’m so blown, definitely feeling all alone. To think that another will lay beside her at night under the covers, gets to enjoy that laugh and the gentle way her hair smothered, one side of her face, but this isn’t a dream that can be erased. Bitter taste. Sour grapes or eating lemons straight. She’s really gone this time don’t make any mistakes. She looks so happy when she posed for the pictures. She looked so happy walking down that aisle, and I’m feeling sicker. Feeling like I lost something and feel poor- she looking like she gained something and felt richer. Promises I couldn’t keep, promises he delivered. Things she said that I forgot I guess he remembered. Yep, she’s gone, I’m mean gone this time, and it hit like a ton of bricks and I’m not doing fine. I suppose in time I’ll heal or get over this way I’m feeling, doesn’t really matter because she’s gone and she’s not worried about how I’m feeling. She’s gone this time, yep, she’s gone forever, just a distant memory of what we had-something that we will never have again ever. She’s gone.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Poetically Correct Contest / Quintessential Listening Poetry

Not Sorry


No this isn’t Rhianna and I damn sure ain’t apologetic

If I said it, it was for a reason

It has a meaning

That’s why I said it


I think apologizing because their feelings are hurt is pathetic

Sometimes it’s not a deeper meaning so no need to dissect it

Sometimes you aren’t meant to get along there’s no need to correct it


Baby girl, please

You’re not the only girl in this world

You’re such a tease

Hiding behind the makeup, hiding behind the weave

Hiding behind the smile and the car that you don’t pay

Nails always done but you never worked a day

All plastic everything- helping you grow with it

But one day you’re going to grow old and won’t have nothing to show with it

I think apologizing because your feelings are hurt would be pretty pathetic

Sometimes it’s not a deeper meaning so no need to dissect it

Sometimes you aren’t meant to get along so it’s no need to correct it


Home boy, please

Thinking that you got what she needs

Money rules you, a lifestyle full of greed


Bottles on one day, tables on the other

We ballin too brother; But we doing it on our own

You still living at home with your mother; Your girl paying for your cell phone

No place to call your own

All your opportunities blown

40-year-old children,  no- age doesn’t mean that you’re grown

I think apologizing because your feelings are hurt would be pretty pathetic

Sometimes it’s not a deeper meaning so no need to dissect it

Sometimes you aren’t meant to get along so it’s no need to correct it

Familiar Territory

So much pain and the hurt

So many days and nights they drug my name through the dirt

So many days I had to smile knowing deep down it really hurt

But I had to dig deep down cause these clowns didn’t know what I was worth

And it’s a circus the way they act

But like a basketball, when I hit the ground, I bounce back

Back against the wall- watch me react

It’s not called bragging when you’re recapping the facts

I want certain feelings that I know I’ll never get back

People never remember you when you were a nobody

Draw a blank when you bring it up at the coffee tables when you become somebody


Isn’t it funny how society still makes popularity cool?

We thought we graduated- but society is just a real big school

Who’s most popular? Who’s best all around? Who’s got the most money? We equate money to success now

Who’s in the trend, who has the fanciest style?

Who really cares? How did we get here?

Wish I could go back to the days of the playground out there


Those days were so pure

Those days everything felt so secure

Now that my mind has been polluted by reality- those days don’t occur anymore

I still have nostalgia and wish they’d remain

But the reality is that it’s like having a stain

Even though nobody notices, you notice, so you don’t look at it the same again



 "It's not you it's me"

"You deserve so much better"

I would never leave you"

"Me lie to you? Never!"

"I will never hurt you always be there when you need"

Just a list of all the things that you used to say to me

You say you always love me
You never do me wrong
Well get out the violins and play the soft music
This is a sad song

Undo your love
Undo those phrases
Life happens in phases
And we are at our final stages

So as much as it's your fault it's also mine because I made the decision
Even though I knew I was your mission
I knew your words glistened
And every time despite me knowing better - I listened
Kicking myself for being stuck in this position


Slave Mentality


Cheapest things for the cheapest people

We take the remains but we not equal

The dollar menu is a gift to those in poverty

Those who aren't are able to eat organically


They promising you beef

They promising you chicken

It's all processed

Ain't no telling what you getting


but those with money are seen as "having the chicken"

they got their own chicken in their back yard so they know what they gettin

We just stuck in a prison


A slave mentality

To live large value size everything and you can live life for cheap

Even the penetentary

Houses minorities

And the majority getting paid- real life monopoly


Prison is Park Place, Jail is boardwalk

Park here and get on board, I'm giving you real talk


Walk it talk it

Speak it live it

See it be it

Don't believe me go to google, it's not a real secret

Ask Siri to keep it real with you

Praising people just cause they trending, but what have they really did for you?


The Meaning


Discovering how on the inside I need to do much better

Spending too much time outside trying to put my appearance together 


Putting a pen to paper and rhyme words 

Always seemed to be natural and interesting - I was a rhyme nerd

Didn't think my words would ever make cents

Just because you know a bunch of verbs doesn't mean they make sense


Just because you know a bunch of words that sound profound 

Doesn't mean people will relate to you when you come around

And that's what I found

Just because they are now doesn't always mean they'll be down 


What are you really saying? What's the purpose?

Itchy writing hand moving back and forth across the paper like I'm nervous 


Comfortable in chaos - people fuss on purpose 

Stand up for yourself more don't let them think you're worth less 

Funny how if you aren't staying they consider you worthless

Food for thought - Funny how if you aren't paying they'll leave you deserted 

Interesting how things over a time span pan out
You can give 9 times out of 10 but that 1 time you don't, expect people to hold their hands out

People are in awe without understanding the meaning 

Yeah it all sounds good but what's the point if you don't understand the meaning?

Coincidences don't exist it's a real reason you're reading

Transitions Poem Video and more poems

Exotica, erotica, if falling in love with you was on Instagram- I’d double tap and follow ya Obviously you’re beautiful - from your head t...